22 09 2010

This Saturday is opening day in Zone D8.  This is the zone around our cabin, and it’s not a terribly great zone to hunt.  But it is my “home” zone.  When I don’t have enough preference points to draw a premium zone, this is where we hunt.

We’ll be up there with my friend Nick and his two boys and daughter.  I’ll have my son Will with me.  It should be a good time.

My one concern at this point is the fire burning in Kings Canyon, which has spread now to be fairly close to where I intended to hunt.  I am hoping that the forest service has not closed the area.  The website seems to indicate that it’s still open.

I’ll be going for a bear this year as well.  I’ve identified some high meadows that I intend to stake out.  We’ll see how it goes.



3 responses

24 09 2010

Hunting close to home is always good. Just packed out a moose, can ’bout see the spot from home. Just 20 miles or so down the valley…

21 03 2011
Terry Green

Did you get any this year? Mulies that is?


23 01 2012
Buck Commander

How many did you kill that season?

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