The Case Against Gun Bans Makes Itself

21 05 2010

It always amazes me that liberals don’t realize when they are making the case against gun bans, like the one in Chicago, which is about to fall when the Supreme Court rules on the case this session.

This story from FoX News appears to be about Mayor Daley’s exasperation with a reporter, who apparently wasn’t willing to swallow the Chicago admonistration’s arguments uncritically.  He kept asking if the gun ban had actually been effective.  Imagine!  Such rudeness!

Daley’s pressecretary then tries to present a tragic case to support the gun ban.  Trouble is, the details of the story work against the gun ban argument.   From the story:

Thomas Wortham IV, a 30-year-old Chicago police officer who recently returned from a tour of duty in Iraq, was shot and killed Thursday when several people approached him outside his family’s home and tried to steal his new motorcycle, authorities said.

Wortham IV’s father — a retired Chicago police officer — came to his son’s aid and shot two of the attackers, killing one of them late Wednesday, police said. Retired police officers are allowed to keep guns.


First of all, my sympathies are with the family of Officer Wortham.  He did not deserve to be killed by a gang of scumbags with guns.   However, please notice what happened.  His father, a retired policeman, came to his aid WITH A GUN!  He managed to injure one of the s***heads and kill another.  Good for him.

Ask yourself if those criminals expected to face a gun while they robbed Wortham of his motorcycle.  I’ll gurantee you they didn’t, because in Chicago OWNING A HANDGUN IS ILLEGAL!  That means criminals can be nearly 100% certain that they face unarmed victims.

Now ask yourself if those same criminals would have been so bold if they had a reasonable expectation that their victim and other people in the vicinity were armed.  My guess is they would not have attempted the crime at all.  Criminals attempt crimes because they expect to get away with it.  If they expected to get their asses shot off they wouldn’t try it at all.  Wortham’s father, under Chicago law, was allowed to do what every law abiding citizen in Chicago ought to have the right to do — defend himself, his family and his property, with a firearm if necessary.  I guarantee that crime rates would fall if the ban were lifted and a “must-issue” concealed carry law was implemented.

Our prayers are with the Wortham family.  And our prayers are with the Supreme Court.



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