At such a critical time, our president will be chosen by the most confused (or gutless) voters

28 08 2012

For many years I have mused and wondered about who the “independent” voter really is.  These uncommitted voters — uncommitted to any political party — will change their vote from Democrat to Republican and back, apparently, based on the situation.  I have never been able to understand that.  How can anyone not fall firmly on one side or the other when the two parties present such starkly different vision for our country?

Now I have some insights.  This post by Daniel Foster provides an intimate look into the minds of these “independents,”  and it’s not pretty.  Baiscally they are a bunch of confused people, unable to settle on a real understanding of good, bad, right wrong, left or right, because they either don’t really understand how to think critically, or because they are so concerned about seeming “extreme” that they attempt to split the middle on everything they think about.  Tyhe internal inconsistencies would be enough to drive me off a cliff, but apparently these folks don’t think about it hard enough to notice.

Anyway, if you thought the president would be chosen by one party or another, by people with clear, sincere convictions, you were wrong.  The president will be chosen by the most gutless — or most confused, depending on how you look at it — voters in the country.



One response

28 08 2012

Yes, when people lack a moral compass its hard to discover what’s worst or best, let alone right or wrong, good or bad. These people have no reference to look back to and say this is how it ought to be. They operate in a world where history is suspicious, or alterable; the future must be a separate from the past, and change necessary. Family and sexuality are institutions open for redefinition according to this fringe group. And what’s equally disturbing, they fall hook, line and sinker for the old adage, “if you don’t stand for something, you fall for everything.” As the above article mentions, this group finds themselves in a double-standard at every turn.

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