Fog, Rain, Cold … and Trout!

30 05 2008

This is one of my favorite stretches of the Kings River.  It requires wading to reach the best spots, and with the river still at flood stage the wading was limited.  The currents in the Kings this time of year can be exceedingly strong, and the footing quite treacherous — fishermen in the area liken walking on the Kings River bottom to walking on bowling balls.  Needless to say, after a few fruitless hours of searching for fishable waters, I gave up. 

 The river was just too blown out.  You can see in this picture how cloudy it was.  In fact, the clouds shrouded the tops of the cliffs on both sides of the canyon, giving it a closed in feel that I don’t generally experience.  Sunday I opted for Hume Lake.  The weather was cold, foggy, and rainy.  It even hailed at one point, and it snowed at higher elevations.  This is very unusual for Memorial Day in the Central Sierras.  (Must be global warming.)  Undeterred, I fished the entire morning, and caught five good ‘bows.  In two weeks we’re going back, and I’m hoping for lower flows on the Kings.