Obama Inflames While Washington Burns

28 04 2010

While the federal government he administers continuously fails to enforce immigration laws or protect the very borders of our nation, our president uses his position to inflame passions by making up outright lies about Arizona’s new illegal immigration law.  Here’s President Obama on what he thinks will happen in Arizona under the new law:

“Now suddenly if you don’t have your papers, and you took your kid out to get ice cream, you’re going to get harassed — that’s something that could potentially happen,” Obama said of the Arizona measure.

What a buffoon!  This is the Harvard trained lawyer?  Has he read the bill?  He’s just making this stuff up to rally the few Americans left who will admit they voted for him.     The fact is, Arizona police will not be randomly demanding from pedestrians that they produce passports.  It’s ridiculous to assert that this would happen.  What might happen is that someone who is stopped for a traffic violation, who fails to produce license, registration and proof of insurance (papers most illegal immigrants lack), that person may be arrested.  An investigation of the person’s resident status might ensue.

Just for the record, here’s the text of the new law.

Barack Obama is not qualified to read a very simple law, much less to be president of this great country.



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