CHICOMs’ Totalitarianism Knows No Bounds

16 04 2010

In Communist China for many years it has been illegal to have more than one child.  Now, apparently, it is illegal to even think about having more than one child. One county in CHICOM land is rounding up suspected babymakers and forcing them to become sterilized.   From TimesOnline website:

The county intends to sterilize 9,559 women or their husbands who are suspected of planning to have a second or third child. So far about half that number have agreed to comply, the newspaper said.

Note that all they need to justify sterilizing someone is SUSPICION.

This is the country to which Obama wants us to owe our grandchildren’s inheritance.  It’s also not that far a throw from socialized medicine telling you what treatments you can have and when you can have them, to telling you how many kids you can have. 

If you voted for Obama, and you’re Christian, you should be ashamed.



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