Problem Solved!

17 06 2009

The gunsmith fixed the scope.  He says all he did was take it off and put it back on.  I’ll be taking it to the range to sight it in first chance I get.  I ordered 100 rounds of Brown Bear 55gr FMJ and a box of 20 Federal Triple Shock in 62 gr with the Barnes copper X Bullet for actual hunting.

By the way, I was researching ballistics data for the mini when I came accross this post from Chuck Hawks.  It’s kind of old, but it is a fascinating way of thinking about sighting in a rifle.  Theoretically, this method maximizes the point blank range of the weapon, giving a hunter the best opportunity to put the shot on target without having to make elevation adjustments.

For example, when I sight in in my .270 Win, if I choose a 130 gr spire point bullet that leaves the muzzle at 3140 fps, I should sight in 2.5 inches high at 100 yards.  That would put the bullet 3″ high at 150 yds, 2.4″ high at 200 yds, and 3″ low at 305 yds (Maximum Point Blank Range).  This way, if I’m shooting larger game with big target areas (mule deer, pigs, etc.), no matter the range, I know that anywhere short of 305 yds I’ll be essentially point blank without making an elevation adjustment.

I’d be interested to know if any hunters out there have tried this approach and how it worked out for you.



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