Scope Problem on Mini 14

10 06 2009

My son and I went to the firing range Sunday to try out our new Mini 14.  I had installed a scope on it the weekend before.  When we started shooting, it wasn’t even on paper.  Ten or twelve shots brought it onto the paper, but it was ten to twelve inches off at best.  I finally stopped shooting.  On the way home, I brought it to the gun shop, where the smith found a mounting screw that was loose, and after tightening it down put it back on the bore sight.  He was able to bring the elevation in fine, but the windage bottomed out at a place he estimated would put it two to three inches left at 100 yards.  I left it with him and asked him to remove the scope and mount it again from scratch and try bore sighting it again.

I could use some feedback.  Anyone have this problem with a MIni 14 before?  What can I do about it?



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