Caught Lying — Again — the Obama Administration Exaggerates Gun Statistics in Mexico

3 04 2009

Once again the Obama administration is caught lying.  This time about guns found at Mexican crime scenes and ultimately traced to the U.S.  Officials including SecState Clinton had been saying that 90% of guns found at crime scenes in Mexico came from U.S.  Turns out the real figure is 17% and most of the guns come from Central America, Russia, and Asia, including the full autos, RPGs and other stuff that simply aren’t available generally in the U.S.  Read the story here at Fox News. 

This is an administration intent on abridging your Second Amendment rights.  They subscribe to the theory that if they tell a lie often enough the bleating sheep in the MSM will treat it as fact.  Thanks to Fox’s William Lajeunesse and Maxim Lott for uncovering the true story.

UPDATE (4/19/09):  The Obama administration continues to use the word “recovered”  instead of the more accurate “traceable” to describe the 90% statistic regarding guns found at Mexican drug crime scenes, in spite of the fact that they have been called on it.  From Fox News:

The White House stands by the president’s use of the word “recovered” in describing the role firearms smuggled from the U.S. play in Mexico’s drug war.

“We feel good about these numbers and that’s why the president uses the word recovered,” McDonough said.

Problem is, recovered and traceable are not interchangeable meanings.  The distinction makes all the difference in how the numbers are understood by listeners and readers.  When the Administration stands by a misleading statement, knowing full well that they are misleading, it calls into question everything they utter.  This Administration has shamelessly used words that mean one thing when in fact they intend to do something entirely different.  Whatever they say about their stance on any Second Amendment  issue, you can bet they intend something else.



One response

9 04 2009
Tim Brodie

Now Bill, let’s not confuse the issue with facts, reason nor even history. “Everyone” knows: guns bad, people good. People no hurt other people if gun not found.

We should rename “The Constitution of the United States” to “The Somewhat Convenience Guidelines When We’re In The Mood For Them and When They Help Our Cause” — Not! Interesting when people working at the White House say as much and it’s played on national news.

We need to be just as tenacious to our duty to defend the Constitution as it’s written and meant, as are those who seek to dismantle or nullify its effect.

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