“…just a few gun-related changes …”

20 03 2009

That’s how U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder recently described what the Obama administration wants to do, and among those changes is reinstating the ban on assault weapons. OK, I can understand that liberals don’t like the 2nd Ammendment. What I find offensive about Holder’s comment is this:

“I think that will have a positive impact in Mexico, at a minimum.”

In other words, the 2nd Ammendment is responsible for Mexico’s drug violence, which is now creeeping inexorably accross the U.S. border.   Not the complete lack of immigration enforcement for the last thirty years. Not the failure of the Bush Administration to close the border, or the failure of the Obama administration to follow through on the fence.   And certainly not the fact that Mexico is a corrupt third world country and has been for the past 100 years.  What’s driving Mexican gangland killings, in Holder’s view, is your God-given right to gun ownership.

Don’t think for one minute that the only change they want is a ban on assault weapons, as bad as that may be. They have other plans to make further abridgements to your Constitutional rights.

Be vigilant. Be ever vigilant.



3 responses

28 03 2009
Carolyn Rosson

Vern popped into the gun store in Alpine today. Came out to tell me that an adjustable-handle shotgun we’d been looking at has doubled in price recently. Oh, well……..Don’t know if I could even shoot it! I’m just really learning how to shoot the pistols accurately!

30 03 2009
Nathan Higgins

You need to check this out.

It’s currently in the House.

2 04 2009

Nathan, I tried the Thomas link but apparently the file has changed or been moved. Can you find it again and let us know?

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