A New Year’s Resolution

22 12 2008

Well, between trying to run a commercial finance company in the midst of the biggest credit market crisis since the Great Depression, and trying to remodel the house we bought in July (a foreclosure house), I haven’t found much time to blog.  Frankly, my thoughts have been elsewhere.  I’ve managed a little hunting.  Deer hunting was a bust Three days of hunting in the hottest September I remember in the Sierras, and all we saw was two does.  Don’t know where the bucks went.

But I think things are calming down.  The pool is finished, the floors, counters and backsplashes are all done, I finished the entertainment center almost, I’ve painted and trimmed my kids’ rooms.  More mouldings to replace still all around the house.

But I’m setting my mind now to blog regularly in 2009.  I miss the community of bloggers, and I miss the creative outlet.  So I hope you all haven’t completely forgotten me.  I’ll be in the Sierras for Christmas, and hopefully that will stir up some good material.  Until then, Merry Christmas!



One response

4 02 2009
Albert A Rasch

Hey, no worries!

It’s tough all over!

Albert A Rasch

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