Vote for Sarah Palin!

4 09 2008

I am a conservative, and although I was having trouble getting excited about John McCain, thanks largely to his stance on immigration and the McCain-Feingold debacle, I would have voted for him anyway.  The alternative is just unthinkable to me.  

Enter Gov. Sarah Palin.  Wow!  What a great choice.  On every issue that matters to me – life of the unborn, 2nd Amendment, taxes, spending, energy, and hunting — she is down the line right on target.  If you missed her speech tonight, you can watch it here.

If an attractive, smart woman with a gun in her hands doesn’t light your fire, your wood is wet!



2 responses

4 09 2008

Yo! Mrs. smith goes to Washington.
I am fired up!

5 09 2008
Tom Sorenson

Yeah – I think this is awesome! I was probably going to write in for a candidate that wouldn’t receive hardly any votes until McCain picked Palin as a running mate. Too bad she didn’t run for president! Now, that’d be a president I could believe in!

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