Two Days on the Kings River

26 08 2008

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to spend two days on the Kings River with some friends who are avid fly fishermen.  What a great time we had!  Each morning we hit the river around 8 AM, and we didn’t go back to the cabin until 8 PM.  We fished from Road’s End all the way to Boyden Cavern and back in those two days, and we discovered some really great spots.

Here’s a picture of me fishing in the gorge.  This part of the canyon is shaped like a V, and the river runs over large boulders.  There are flat stretches with degenerated granite bottoms and deep pools, followed by stair steps over gigantic boulders, with three- and four thousand foot cliffs on both sides hemming in the river.  That’s me wading in the river, and you can see the scale of things in this picture.  l caught some small browns in an eddy on this strech, right up against the cut bank.  (Photo by Scott V.)

Upstream, the gorge gives way to a U-shaped glacial valley that in many ways looks like a small Yosemite.  Here the river widens and runs on a flat course over a free stone bottom.  We caught many small fish in stretches like the one below.  That’s Scott nymphing in one of the most beautiful spots on God’s green Earth.

But the highlight of the trip was Brian’s big brown trout.

The Kings Canyon is truly a magical place.  Scott made some great pictures, and I’ll upload some of them over the next couple of days.



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