Hog Hunting Makes the NY Times

22 06 2008

Hog hunting, or more precisely the rising need for more avid hog hunters, has finally made the pages of New York Times.  As the feral hog population explodes, more states are pulling out the stops to cull hog populations.

They had been hunting since 4:30 a.m. without success. Thirteen hours in the East Texas sun had made a discouraged mess of the seven dogs and their masters, Dusty Kennedy and Clint Watson.

“All that rain washed their scent away,” Mr. Watson said earlier. “They’re out here though, somewhere.”

The hogs, he meant. You could tell by the wallows in the fairway, mud patches 6 feet long by 12 feet wide with deep ruts like the tracks of a semi truck.

Click here to read the whole story.



2 responses

22 06 2008

Hmm… they have to play up the “size and ferocity” of the animals, but otherwise that’s a pretty good piece for the New York Times.

I need to find a golf course around here that’ll give me a free cottage, tee times and food for killing their pigs. Of course, trapping is a much more effective method.

26 06 2008

Sign me up. We LOVE wild boar here in the Hunter Angler Gardener Cook – NorCal Cazadora household…

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