The Gunsmith

14 04 2008

I haven’t posted in a while.  Work has been crazy busy.  We also went on vacation to Washington D.C.  On the way we stopped at Williamsburg, Virginia.  The whole town is great big working museum of the revolutionary era.  The people who live and work there are in character, dress the part, and actually work in the trades using eighteenth century methods.  Among them was a gunsmith.

The picture above is the smith leaning on a working copy of an eighteenth century rifle saw.  Below is the boring drill.

The walls were hung with various guns and powderhorns made on the premises.  Everything these guys do is done with tools, materials, and methods that were used in the eighteenth century.


Outside we found the  forge, where the smiths manufacture their steel blanks and other gun parts. Every part of the guns is manufactured on sight using tools also made on sight. The tools are all exact copies of extant eighteenth century examples or based on designed found in contemporary books.



2 responses

15 04 2008

very interesting.
wonder if they made the rifle in my latest post?

21 04 2008
suburban bushwacker

That must have been an excellent part of the trip, i’ll defiantly go there next time I’m in VA.

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