Proud of the Boy!

27 01 2008

Now that I’m done with the Hume Lake story, I can tell you about my latest proud moment as the father of a budding hunter.  Last Saturday I took the Boy to the firing range to shoot his .243 for the first time.  Until now, he had refused to shoot it — too loud, too much recoil — but over the fall he really got into his 20 gauge and was firing without hesitation by November, so I thought it might be time to see if he would step up with the deer rifle.   

 Well, he did it.  

 We showed up at the range around 10 AM and set up the .22 for a few warm up shots.  He’s actually pretty good with it.  At 50 yards his groups were dead center.  Then we set up the .243 at 100 yards.  (Remington Model 710, youth stock, great little gun for a youngster)  To my surprise, he leaned right into it on the bench and without hesitation squeezed off the first shot.  He looked up at me a bit wide eyed and said, “Man, that’s loud!”  Then he leaned into it again and finished his first group.  

 He was all over the place, with only three of ten shots within three inches, but I was really proud of him.  I told him if he keeps up the practice I would take him pig hunting this spring.  I think he’s ready, and he’s certainly trying to prove it.  

 I love being a dad!

UPDATE: Deer Camp Blog has a great little story about a dad and son hunting.



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28 01 2008

That’s great! Pig hunting would be a great start. I wouldn’t mind getting my son out for something like that when he is a bit older.

28 01 2008

Wow, did I just stumble on this site or what?

Not sure how long you’ve been around, but nice site. I definitely enjoyed the photos of Hume Lake.

Looking forward to reading more of your posts, and who knows… we could cross paths in the pursuit of hogs in the near future.

Good luck to you and your budding marksman! Sounds like he’s on the right track. Hook him up with some premium hearing protection… it can, amazingly enough, take a lot of the shock and recoil out of the rifle.

31 01 2008

It’s great that Rex’s post led me to your site! Good pictures too!

Wait until you are a Grand Dad, it’s really fun teaching them.

If your young one doesn’t like the noise, get him some good ear protection soon. I have lost over 1/2 of my hearing because of shooting without ear plugs!

31 01 2008
Albert A Rasch


I came upon your site via The Deer Camp Blog. Wonderful photography and great writing. I particularly like the shots of your son, great composition.

Might I suggest the use of both earplugs and muffs while at the range. I tend to do that with my kids due to the cover reflecting more sound than when on an open bench.

I’m looking forward to reading your archives.

Albert A Rasch
The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles

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