Winter on Hume Lake (Part 4)

23 01 2008

The cold waters of Ten Mile Creek carve a narrow chute in the granite just below the dam.  lower-ten-mile.jpg 

Above the lake at Sandy Cove the creek hides its course under a thick blanket of snow.  We could hear it, but couldn’t see it!  Notice the long icicles on some of the boulders, formed by repeated cycles of melting and freezing. 


Back at camp, we cross Long Meadow Creek once more, and marvel at the divine provision for water that God has created in the Sierras.  The Great Central Valley of California, source of almost half of the oranges, stone fruit, olives, almonds, and other produce for our great country, would be a desert wasteland if weren’t watered every year by massive amounts of melting snowpack, a literal storehouse of life formed by the mighty hand of our Creator!




3 responses

24 01 2008

your blog is absolutely filled with stunning pictures.
keep up the good work.

28 01 2008

thanks for adding me to the blogroll, will return the favor.
am enjoying your blog.

31 01 2008

Love the pictures of Hume Lake. You live in a beautiful area. Enjoyed your site. Very refreshing!

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