Venison Sausage

20 11 2007


We killed a mule deer this fall.  Opening day in the Sequoia National Forest, we took down a 2×2 buck.  It was a downhill shot with my .270 (Remington Model 700) from about 65 yards.  Clean, one shot kill behind the left shoulder.  We had to drag it a couple hundred yards out to the road where the Jeep was parked.  It was hard work.  My eleven-year-old son helped.

Now we eat.  So here’s my recipe for Venison Sausage:

Grind 1 ½ pounds of fresh venison and ¼ pound of bacon.

Mix with the following:

            2 Teaspoons of salt

            1 Tablespoon sage

            1 Teaspoon thyme

            1 teaspoon black pepper

            ¼ Teaspoon cayenne pepper

            2 cloves crushed garlic

Mix well.  Form into patties and fry in skillet.



One response

4 12 2007

Nice recipe. Ever make venison sausages with casings? Up here in Northern California, they are easy to find; if you can locate a proper butcher shop in the O.C. I bet they’ll have them, too. If you need a recipe for it, I have plenty. Looking forward to reading a fellow Californian’s hunting blog.

Good luck out there!

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