Waking up in a Dream

19 11 2007

Some days I think I’m dreaming, even when I’m awake.   My life was never supposed to be this good.  I had dreams as a kid, of course, but for a long time they didn’t seem possible.  Then the Lord did some things in my life that changed everything.  Some day I’ll go into those in more depth, but suffice it to say He has blessed me beyond my imagination. What got me thinking about this?  Well, I actually feel very thankful most of the time.  This time, though, it hit me while we were all sitting in our family room last night.  I had been hunting most of the day down in Rodriguez Canyon (the game bag was very light this time!).  I looked across the room and my fabulous wife was sittting  in her comfortable chair knitting.  My daughter was in the kitchen making something, and my son was on the computer.   And I felt it come up up in my throat.  This is too good.  I am surrounded by a wonderful family that loves me and depends on me.  My wife is gorgeous and smart and capable and all those things a man wants.  My kids are smart, healthy and well behaved.  My house is comfortable.  I get to hunt or fish as often as I want.  I even have a cabin in the mountains to get away to on vacations.  And I love my job. That’s a dream life, friends.  And I’m living it. God is good! 



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